Face to Face
Client Executive, Mergers and Acquisitions


Hi, I'm Carol, and I am a Client Executive in our M&A and Transaction Solutions Team.

When I was a graduate at Aon, I did various rotations around our Retirement & Investment space, as well as our Risk & Consulting and Project Management areas.

Aon is an exceptional place for graduates because people leaders are really nurturing and invested in your success. For example, they considered what my skillset was in order to find the perfect landing role for me.

I love working at Aon because there's a great team culture, and I'm passionate about what I do. It’s very challenging, but my team is really engaged with our work, and the team energy makes me enjoy it. I’m also involved in different activities and have found a great bunch of friends!

My name is Carol, and I'm from Aon.


Face to Face
Client Executive, Financial Services Group


Hi, I'm Luke, and I am a Client Executive at Aon working in Financial Services Group.

When I was a graduate at Aon, my role in the program encompassed 4 rotations – Financial Services Group, the wider Broking group, Remuneration Consulting and complex Property Claims.

Aon is an exceptional place for graduates because there’s no ego. There's the understanding that you're here to learn, but also to contribute. Everyone is really invested in your growth.

I love working at Aon (a) because of the people and (b) because of the work. It’s a highly technical job, but you also get the added benefit of being able to socialise with insurers, colleagues, and, really, it’s a fantastic place to grow as a young professional.

My name is Luke, and I'm from Aon.


Application process


Online Application

Complete an online application. Have with you a soft copy of your transcript with a credit or above average and proof of permanent residency or citizenship.


Online Assessments

Two online assessments help us understand how you like to work and how you use reasoning to problem solve. The video interview is your opportunity to tell us a bit about who you are.


Assessment Centre

Our assessment centre will be your chance to meet with some of the Aon team and show us how you interact with others in a virtual, group-based setting. We will also get to know you through an online interview.

Core Graduate Capabilities
Beyond success in the classroom, we are looking for passionate graduates who are able thrive in a dynamic, global company. To show us where you might fit within the Aon family, share with us your leadership, work and extracurricular experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

The salaries for our Launch graduates are competitive and in line with the market rates. The graduates will also be eligible to Aon’s benefit offerings as a permanent Aon employee.
The successful candidates for the Launch Graduate Program will start in February 2021. The program starts with 4 rotations of 6 months each over 2 years. Those who successfully complete the program move into permanent roles.
Aon recruits for entry level roles across Australia and New Zealand regularly, and these can be great opportunities to start working in the industry. As these roles are not part of our formal graduate program, the training and development opportunities will vary to those on our Graduate program. However Aon prides itself on being a company that supports the growth and development of employees at all levels and in all different sectors. Further details about these roles can be found on our careers page.
If you have any questions about the Aon Launch Graduate Program or the recruitment process, please feel free to contact us at au.tateam@aon.com and we will respond as soon as possible.